Hooded jacket with Outer Shell in Dyneema® composite,
extremely wind and water resistant.
The S14_DY Jacket features two large double entrance pockets
on the front, which close via double-way waterproof zips.
The NO_S14_DY jacket also features two hidden chest pockets covered by Velcro flaps and closed via waterproof zips.
Two inner pockets closed via Velcro make the Jacket a 6-pocket-garment. The Jacket is closed via a double-way waterproof zip on the front. The hood (which features a high stance collar closed via waterproof zip and is adjustable via drawstrings) features a secondary hood (also adjustable) which can be removed or worn both on the inside or the outside of the main hood. The secondary hood is made of a seven denier super-light mesh hydrophilic membrane which absorbs light during the day and releases it in the dark. The Plurimus NO_S14_DY Jacket also features a removable harness closed via Velcro which can be used to carry the jacket on the back. The inner loops used to attach the harness can also be used to attach a Plurimus inner to the jacket. Patch elbows. Adjustable cuffs and waist.
Removable Plurimus Logo that can be worn on the outer or on the inner of the Jacket.
Color: Ice Blue
Weight : Extremely Light (18 grams / square meter)
Made in Italy in a Limited Edition of 10 pieces only

About Dyneema® _ The world’s strongest fiber : Dyneema® Composite Fabric is a performance laminate that was originally invented for high-end cruising sails. The concept is well known in the sailing-industry: Strong fibers are being laminated between two carriers. What makes DCF special are the ultra-strong Dyneema®-fibers that are used. Dyneema® combines extremely high tear-strength with ultralight weight. Due to the unique properties of the fibers, DCF is far more tear-resistant than other fabrics of the same weight, it is highly waterproof, doesn’t stretch, is resistant to folding, doesn’t soak water, is UV- and chemical-resistant.

Price 795 €

measurements in cms chest length sleeve
NO_S14_DY S 54 67 48
M 56 68 48,5
L 58,5 69 49
XL 61 71 49,5
XXL 64 72 50,5
XXXL 66 72 51

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